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Students Leading Educational Opportunities

The SLEO Organization logo features a lion jumping over a book

SLEO is a student-run non-profit aimed at providing educational resources for underserved communities. Through free classes, events, and fundraising, our mission is to close the gap in educational access among students in St. Louis and beyond. 

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How It Works

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A debate instructor reviews the speech written by a student

We aim to reduce barriers to inaccessible academic activities for underserved groups within St. Louis. That's only possible with our volunteers who make every SLEO fundraiser, event, and class possible.

Any money raised from SLEO will be put towards the following areas: purchasing educational resources like books and school supplies, donating directly to underfunded schools, and administrative expenses
A class of students are paired up with teachers, learning how to solve a Rubik's cube


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Our partners

Our partner organizations are dedicated to equality in academic spaces. We are grateful for their collaboration.

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